5 Essential Google Marketing Tools Every Business Should Have

Digital Marketing

By Simply Clear Marketing

With Google being the most popular search engine in the world, we hope your Digital Marketing Toolbox is equipped with the latest and greatest tools this valuable resource has to offer. Taking advantage of Google’s effective features if just one of many ways to take your marketing efforts to the next level. So, why not start now?

Hopefully, you’ve been able to explore the wealth of products and tools Google has to offer, especially when it comes to leveraging your business on the Web. But of course, with an abundance of digital information, navigating content can be a difficult feat.

Whether you’re wanting to increase workplace efficiency, improve your website performance, create content based on trending keywords, manage your brand, increase conversion rates, tweak your user experience on desktop and/or mobile, Google has the resources to help you.

There are many options and for us, some stand out more than others. We hand-picked some of the best tools that Google has to offer and what we believe every business should have.

  1. GSuite Managing and organizing your business just got a whole lot easier. Whether it be enhancing your team’s workflow or improving communication between your employees, G Suite streamlines and organizes all of your information in one place. For businesses on a budget, there are two plans you can sign up for. The basic plan is free for teams 10 and fewer, with each additional user being $5 per month. This includes 30 FB of inbox storage and group alias addresses. The professional plan offers your business unlimited cloud storage and is $10 per user per month. Efficiency meets affordability.
  2. Google Webmaster Tidy up your site links, resolve server errors, and verify your website with Google Webmaster. This nifty tool is essentially the bread and butter of website optimization. The SEO benefits include insight on search queries, the ability to count backlinks, and essential web analysis. The bottom-line benefit: utilizing these tools can help leverage your website when it comes to Google search results. So, if you’re wanting your website to excel in the digital world, taking advantage of Google Webmaster is a must.
  3. Google My Business Google My Business is another valuable tool for businesses should utilize. One of the biggest benefits this tool provides is the prime real estate it can occupy in search results. If you’re noticing your business isn’t appearing Google’s local 3-packs, it may be because your Google My Business profile isn’t reaching its full potential. We highly encourage this free tool for any business owner wanting to increase their visibility on the Web. In this day and age, every bit of business exposure counts!
  4. Google Ads Want to build brand awareness, reconnect with website visitors, and target the right audience for your business? Google Ads is the tool for you. If most of your audience are digital users (which more than likely, they are) then Google Ads makes it easy to deliver your content to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Controlling the cost per click is another option, making it easy for these ads to stay within your budget. You can also make key decisions based on the insight you gain from these ads. We believe building strategies based on your Google Ad performance is a great way to pave a path of success for your business.

Final Thoughts…

Overall, with Google’s constant evolution in digital growth, taking advantage of the tools this world-renowned platform has to offer is crucial. We hope your Digital Marketing Toolbox is equipped with the resources it needs to successfully propel your business farther into the digital world.

But of course, every business is different, thus resulting in customized digital marketing needs. That’s where we come in. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have when it comes to digital marketing tools and which ones your business could benefit from more than others.