Business Owners: Get the Marketing Support You Need from Simply Clear


By Simply Clear Marketing

Owning a business can make you feel like you’re stranded on a desert island.

“You’re often lonely as a business owner,” said Lani Colhouer, Simply Clear Marketing CFO and co-founder. “You can’t talk to your staff about all your issues and challenges, and you don’t want to talk to other people because you think they’ve got it figured out—and you don’t want to admit you don’t have it figured out.”

So who can you turn to for help? (Hint: It’s not Wilson, the volleyball from Cast Away.)

It’s your marketing team at Simply Clear.

Our goal as marketers is to listen to you, learn about your business, and help you make it better.

“When people come to us, we don’t sell one specific product; we sell support,” CEO and co-founder Bret Colhouer said. “As business owners, we’ve had to spend our own money on the products and services we sell, which gives us a greater understanding of the marketplace.”

Since 1998, Bret and Lani have operated and marketed their own businesses, including Tolosa Press, Inspired Expos, and Simply Clear Marketing. They’re passionate about sharing what they’ve learned with other business owners.

“Because we had to market our own events for so long, we had to figure out marketing the same way other business owners do,” Lani said. “The hardest part is trying to figure out whether it’s working and whether it’s worth the investment.”

That’s why our process at Simply Clear is tailored to your unique needs and goals. We work with you to define what success looks like for your business. Then we deliver the custom marketing tools needed to achieve it.

The Simply Clear Approach to Marketing

  • We assess your current brand identity, customer experience, and overall marketing needs.
  • We develop and deliver your brand’s unique visual identity and story through:
    • Brand identity packages and creative marketing campaigns.
    • Websites that are fast, responsive, and user friendly.
    • Content that connects with people on all marketing platforms.
    • Growth marketing and advertising that generate viable leads.
  • We optimize and adjust everything we create for you, as needed, so it successfully converts leads and boosts your ROI.

We’ve used this unique, relationship-driven approach to help hundreds of clients throughout San Luis Obispo County and beyond reach their marketing goals. Here are a couple of examples of what we’ve done and the ROI our partners experienced.


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