Facebook Ads for your Small Business

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By Simply Clear Marketing

Be Simple, Be Social

In today’s data-driven, social media-focused world, the importance of Facebook Ads becomes more prevalent for every kind and size of business. As a small business owner, it can be difficult to juggle this somewhat new requirement in marketing and go about it successfully, while maintaining your already implemented techniques.

However, the extra time is worth it! Incorporating Facebook Ads within the folds of your marketing strategy can lead to substantial growth for your business. You may be wondering what the most beneficial strategy is when implementing Facebook Ads, or maybe even if there is any strategy at all? Is there a perfect time to start implementing Facebook Ads to receive the most profitable return? To answer these questions, a successful Facebook Ad campaign requires key pieces in order for it to be effective. These elements include:

· An established and effective website
· A solid social media presence
· An original image library
· Clear goals

Once these elements are established, Facebook Ads can be specifically crafted to enhance the growth of your business!

1. An Established Website

A comprehensive website is crucial to benefit from Facebook Ads. When it comes to an effective website, what does that exactly mean? A strong website includes appropriate landing pages, in-depth content, valuable information for your customers, and an organized, easy to follow format. You may be wondering why this is important? Well, a common goal of Facebook Ads is to drive traffic to your website. Facebook Ads can reach both cold audiences that have never visited your website, as well as audiences that are familiar with your site and who are already interested in the product or service. Whichever audience you target, the website must be easy to follow and contain detailed information to keep them interested.

2. A Solid Social Media Presence

Having and maintaining a strong social media presence is also an important step before implementing Facebook Ads. Consistent engagement, significant likes on your posts, and frequent, relevant posts all indicate a strong social media presence. Building an organic presence prior to implementing Facebook Ads is important, especially for small businesses trying to establish themselves within the community.

Once your page is well established, Facebook has multiple options to further increase engagement and following.

· Page Like Ads are designed to increase page likes. This makes your subsequent organic posts seeable to them.
· Engagement Ads aim to have the highest engagement. The goal with these advertisements is to use shareable content so that exposure is targeted toward your chosen audience.

With these tools, Facebook Ads can enhance your visibility and lead to reduced advertisement spending in the future due to word of mouth marketing.

3. An Original Image Library

Having professional photos or videos is another critical step towards ensuring your company is prepared to create Facebook Ads. Engaging, personal imagery is more exciting and genuine than stock images. The ability to relate to your audience through polished imagery of your unique products or services can enhance your presence online. Having a selection of original images and videos will make the process of Implementing Facebook Ads smooth and successful.

When creating personalized imagery, it is important to consider what product or service you are selling, whether the product is time-sensitive, and what industry you’re in. For example, products tend to sell better than services through Facebook Ads. Time sensitivity is also an important factor. Are you selling something that has no specific time of need or where need can arise at an unexpected time? Is your product seasonal or something that is not an immediate need? It is crucial to understand these aspects of your product or service and use them to drive the strategy behind your Facebook Ads and the images you use to generate new leads.

4. Clear Goals

Once you have a strong website, an established social media presence, and a collection of original imagery, the next step is to generate goals. What do you hope to benefit from your Facebook Ads? Would you like to generate more following on social media? Would you like a higher overall awareness within the community? Or would you like to directly increase sales of your product or service?

Facebook Ads can not be successfully implemented without knowing the intention behind them. After the focus is decided, the detailed content and implementation strategy can be created to generate the most growth potential for your business. Once you’re ready for content, use our Content Marketing blog post to develop strong content for your ads!

Final Thoughts

Simply Clear Marketing has generated successful Facebook Ad strategies for many clients. We understand how to craft Facebook Ads for your specific business needs because we know that every small business is unique. If you are wondering whether Facebook Ads would be a beneficial next step for your business, schedule a consultation with Simply Clear Marketing today! Give us a call at (805) 543-6397 or email us at admin@simplyclearmarketing.com.