How to Reach Your Audience with Targeted Advertising

Digital Marketing

By Simply Clear Marketing

The world of digital advertising can feel overwhelming, especially when you have to focus on running your business. Luckily, targeting tools can make promoting your business easy and relatively affordable. And, most importantly, it gets results!

Simply Clear Marketing is dedicated to helping small businesses thrive through tailor-made digital advertising campaigns. Here is an overview of some of the targeting services we provide. 

Programmatic and display advertising

Programmatic ads are online ads that are purchased and placed using specialized software. With this kind of advertising, we can choose the best locations to place your ads and target them to specific people. Location includes not only websites, but the physical places your customers frequent. 

Looking to target travelers for your hotel or restaurant? We can geofence airports and other popular travel hubs to serve your ads to people on their cell phones. Targeting can be honed based on gender, age, interests, behaviors, and more. We can also retarget people who have interacted with your brand in the past on multiple digital platforms.

Social media advertising

According to Statista, there are almost 4 billion social media users worldwide as of 2022. In the United States, more than 80 percent of the population can be found on at least one social media platform. Numbers like that make social media advertising a no-brainer. While each platform is different, there are some shared tools and tactics when it comes to audience targeting, including location, age, gender, behaviors, and interests. But social media also enables you to target people based on job title, education level, and social connections in their networks. 

For example, on LinkedIn, you can target key decision makers by job title, industry, company, seniority, and more. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have features that can target people with the same interests as your best customers, also known as “lookalike audiences.”

Search-based advertising

These kinds of digital ads are found on search engines like Google and are usually referred to as PPC (pay-per-click) or SEO (search engine optimization) ads. Google Ads, the king of search-based advertising, allows you to target people based on:

  • Topic: Google Ads analyzes web content to determine the central theme of a webpage and uses keywords to place your ads.
  • Placement: Ads are placed based on the specific websites your customers visit.
  • Content Keywords: You can choose keywords that are related to your product or service and target people searching for those words.
  • Display expansion for search: Google Ads will find Google users for you using a combination of automated bidding and smart targeting.

Of course, digital advertising is constantly changing due to technological advancements and data privacy laws. Our team stays up to date on how these changes affect businesses’ bottom line.

We have fine-tuned how to create unique digital ads that will tell your brand’s story and improve your sales conversions. We’d love to talk more about your marketing needs. Give us a call at (805) 543-6397 or reach out to us at