What Content Marketing Through Organic Facebooks Posts Looks Like Today

Digital Marketing

By Simply Clear Marketing

With strategy, discipline, and the right tools, you can bring your social media presence to the next level.

Recently, one of our longtime clients, a local CSA program in SLO County, mentioned that diving into the world of content marketing on Facebook is too time-consuming. Quite frankly, they’re right. While business owners are managing their business and putting out fires, organic Facebook posts are the last things on their minds.

Although many small business owners oftentimes wear many hats juggling day-to-day tasks, they know the bottom line remains the same: to increase revenue. Like any significant business goal, the road to get there often takes time, patience, and a disciplined strategy. Increasing revenue through content marketing through organic Facebook posts is just one of many objectives that should play a role in a business owner’s overall strategy.

Facebook — the powerhouse of social media — continues to be a platform for people, businesses, organizations, and more to connect like ever before. Over 1.73 billion users are logging on and engaging with Facebook posts on a daily basis, according to a March 2020 Facebook report. That’s a whole lot of eyes and ears.

We’ve seen this ever-evolving platform uplift large businesses as they make their presence known on our Facebook feeds. So, the question begs: can a small, local business do the same?

The short answer is yes. With Facebook advertising and boosted posts, your chances are much higher. However, without an authentic voice content marketing on the page, credibility is bound to diminish. Organic Facebook posts — or posts that are unpaid — play a large role in establishing brand trust and awareness to your audience. By providing resources, tapping into your brand’s story, and nurturing customer relations, reaching your target audience will, in turn, lead your customer down the sales funnel.

According to a HubSpot report, 71 percent of consumers are more likely to make purchases based on social media referrals, while a Forbes study shows that 78 percent of consumers’ purchases are impacted by companies’ social media posts.

Our local research backs this up. Our conversations with business owners who have adopted best practices in organic Facebook marketing have noticed positive results in terms of the goals they’ve set for their business.

Every business has a similar goal, but a different way to approach it. Let’s take a look at how you can elevate your business with content marketing through organic Facebook posts.

 State your goals and outline your strategy

Are you hoping to sell a product? Provide resources on your services? Network with your community? Whatever it may be, there is a slim chance you won’t be the only person handling the business’ Facebook marketing. It’s important that anyone who helps post and engages on your business’ Facebook page is on the same page when it comes to your business’ overall goals and strategy. This way, your messaging won’t be lost or confusing to your audience.

 Include discipline in your strategy

Include Facebook monitoring in your daily and weekly routine. Whether it be through calendar reminders, setting aside an hour every Friday to check on your page, or simply logging on at the end of every day, establishing discipline in your strategy is crucial. Keep a pulse on what people are chattering about not only on your page but in the industry. Not only can this help you understand your audience better, but it eventually becomes second nature to improve your brand image on a consistent basis.

 Schedule and follow-up

One of the best ways to avoid spending an excessive amount of time working on your business’ Facebook presence is to schedule posts in advance. This is where discipline plays a key role. Allowing content strategy to take place at least once a month will keep a cadence in your business messaging. Tools such as editorial calendars, scheduling systems, and a keen eye to aesthetics all play a part in making strategy implementation more feasible.

However, it doesn’t stop there — following and keeping track of engagement is another key tactic to stay on top of. Listen to your followers. Follow up with comments, big and small. The goal here is to provide excellent customer service, even though your interaction isn’t taking place in person.

Final Thoughts

While content marketing on any social media platform can be an overwhelming obstacle to tame, its potential to generate leads plays a key role. Without a strategy, discipline, and the right tools, content marketing through organic Facebook posts can make a significant difference in refining your brand’s unique image. It’s marketing made simple.

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